18 October 2018

International School of Medicine has been accepting new students since 2014. Our student population is diverse. At this time, we take 10 students who are centrally placed by Turkish YKS system with full scholarship. We admit 5 more students from non-YKS category from outside the country. Our program is designed to train physicians with additional experience in research. During the first 3 years of medical school education we offer dedicated research rotations (committees) and we encourage our students to start and implement research projects in different areas.  Our school is particularly selected by students with highest scores from YKS exam.

The education is in English during the first 3 years  and we offer contemporary education in small classrooms with active participation of the students. The bedside discussion in the clinics is Turkish. International students are required to learn Turkish to provide communication. Medipol University provides Turkish language courses. The education is given at the Kavacık campus during the first 2 years followed by clinical education whıch take part at the University hospital in Kavacık.