18 October 2018

Why you should choose International School of Medicine?
Unique institution offering many exceptional opportunities
International School of Medicine at the Medipol University is a unique institution in Turkey offering official program for research in the curriculum for medicine students. The program allows student to conduct research, to present the data at the scientific meetings and to publish in scientific journals. Eligible candidates can pursue MD/PhD career as well.    

Education in a competitive environment
Our school is particularly selected by the students with highest score at the Turkish central University entrance exam (OYS/YKS).  Since 2016, the champions of the YKS exam selected our school 3 years in a row. The lowest scoring student entering to ISM was the student ranked 57 th (within 2.5 milllion students).

Research oriented education
Beside a traditional medical school education, A special feature of the education at the ISM is that it gives the student to explore options in basic or clinical research facilities. There are 2 options for this purpose.
1-During the first year, student spends 6 weeks at the basic research labs as part of formal education to explore basic research or clinical sciences. During the 2nd and 3rd year students continue their projects. Thus, they are able to present their works in national and international congresses and have a chance to publish in scientific journals.
2-The other option is to be able to pursue a career for options of double major (first 3 years) and potentially to do PhD together with medical school education. It is called MD/PhD program.  It is offered to eligible students after the completion of 3rd year at the medical school. It is consisted of PhD courses which are taken during the 4th and 5th year who fulfills the requirements to be able to graduate with an integrated doctorate. Thus, in the years to come, as a researcher beside patient care, it is possible to continue to career, to be able to contribute medicine. Total period of an MD/PhD program is expected to last 8 years.

Culturally rich environment
In the ISM, we have champions from Turkish University Entrance exam as well as talented students from different countries including USA, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, United Arb Emirates, Egypt, Syria, Palestine

Advanced language courses 
The education is English during the first 3 years. All the students are subjected to take a proficiency exam in English language after they have completed the admission. Previously taken scores (Toefl, PTE, ETC) can also be used to be exempted from language year requirement   Successful students start the first year of the medical school immediately. Otherwise, they have to attend preparation year which is an education on English language. We provide 2 step intensive English course. The first part consists of a 4 months study given by our in-house English language school. Then all the students attend to a 20 weeks language course in Boston USA .

Clerkship at Harvard
During the 4th year of the education, selected students spend a month at the Joslin Diabetes Center part of the education.

Guidance to prepare USMLE exams
Our experienced staff members provide exceptional guidance to prepare to USMLE exams to pursue the career in the USA.

Exceptional Scholarship possibilities
The students at the Medipol University are offered following scholarship 

1-Educational scholarship.
•    The students coming from YKS exam are rewarded with full scholarship. This includes the preparation year and covers the entire education. 
•    The scholarship is subjected to discontinue in case of transfer to another school or if a disciplinary penalty is given.
•    This type of scholarship may cover cost of the food, transportation, books or accommodation depending on student’s degree from YKS exam upon initial recruitment.. 

2- Scholarship for excellence
•    It covers a standard education period for a given school including preparation year
•    As of 2018: A student who ranked within top first100 of YKS exam is rewarded with 5.000 TL for 7 months, free of charge food and accommodation.
•    A student who ranked within 101-250 th range of YKS exam, is rewarded with 4.000 TL for 7 months, free of charge food and accommodation.
•    A student who ranked within 251-500 th range of YKS exam, is rewarded with 3.000 TL for 7 months, free of charge food and accommodation.
•    A student who ranked within 501-750 th range of YKS exam, is rewarded with 2.000 TL for 7 months, free of charge food and accommodation.
•    A student who ranked within 751-1000 th range of YKS exam, is rewarded with 1.500 TL for 7 months, free of charge food and accommodation.

3-Scholarship for achievement
•    According to in-class ranking, top 3 students with highest exam scores are rewarded with an achievement scholarship every year. The average weighed scores are used for calculation. The scholarship is used in the following year.  A student needs to pass all of the exams by the end of the year and should not need to take any make up exam.
•    The most successful student is granted with full coverage of tuition
•    The 2 nd most successful student is granted with 50% discount of tuition  
•    Ther 3 rd most successful student is granted with %25 discount of tuition. 
•    If a student is already granted with full tuition, the achievement scholarship is given as cash.
•    Achievement scholarship is not given during the preparation year.